Fusarium virguliforme Genome Browser

The raw Fusarium virguliforme genome sequence data are being made available by Bhattacharyya Laboratory before scientific publication. I hope that this action will facilitate ongoing research in laboratories devoted to this serious soybean pathogen.

The data available through this genome browser are preliminary and investigators of the Bhattacharyya lab and its collaborator do not take any responsibility for any errors that may present in the data.

You agree not to publish any articles containing genome-wide analyses of genes or analyses of genomic data on a whole genome, comparative genomics analyses prior to publication by Bhattacharyya laboratory and its collaborator. These restrictions will be lifted on the day of publication of the whole genome description. During this waiting period, the data can be used in any kind of publication that does not compete directly with planned publications by Bhattacharyya laboratory. You are encouraged to contact the Madan K. Bhattacharyya (mbhattac@iastate.edu) to discuss about your plan of research and for potential collaboration.

You agree that in future publications generated from use of these genome data you will acknowledge as follows: "Sequence data generated from the support of Soybean Research and Development Council and Iowa Soybean Association and available through http://fvgbrowse.agron.iastate.edu/ were used in this study” or a similar statement to acknowledge the use of the data. Please let Bhattacharyya know about your publication so that relevant information can be included in the final annotation.